General Education
Fourchette Verte, boarding school and family atmosphere

An inspiring book: Ascensions by Peter Brabeck-Lethmate

General Education
A recent example of democracy in Switzerland: the vote on selling alcohol at Migros

Two captivating books that open our eyes: L’Entreprise altruiste (The Altruistic Corporation) and net positive

General EducationBooks
Seven Drivers of Learning

21st Century SkillsGeneral Education
The Lemania School is getting a new superpower from artificial intelligence

An intriguing and fascinating book: “Let my people go surfing”

With spring, the activity resumes!

Lausanne Guided Tour for Prep and IB1 students

21st Century SkillsGeneral EducationProfessional Training
Is linguistic variety always an opportunity?

Sonja Haraldsen, Queen Consort of Norway

21st Century SkillsProfessional Training
Sleep, a neglected ingredient in academic success

EPCO - Lémania Blog
21st Century SkillsProfessional Training
The EPCO (junior entreprise)

Marc Ehrlich - Lémania Blog
An Alumnus who reinvented his family business: Marc Ehrlich

Ecole Lémania - Pivot
Launch of the book « Edupreneurial Pivot »

Claudio Sulser - Lémania Blog
Claudio Sulser: head and legs

Lémania blog
21st Century SkillsBooks
Is it better to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?

Orientation professionelle - Lémania
Professional Training
Orientation and professional training

Hugues Gall - Lémania blog
Hugues Gall, a life for arts and culture

Switzerland Cities - Lausanne
Lausanne tops the small cities ranking of The Independant

Amin Maaloof - Lémania Blog
21st Century SkillsBooks
An ever-inspiring book: « Les Identités meurtrièes » by Amin Maalouf