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Bac: a tailor-made program

The French Baccalaureate, often simply called “Bac”, is prepared over 3 years: Secondary, First and Terminale. Since the baccalaureate reform, students compose their final exams according to their profile and their expectations.

At the end of the Secondary class, they must choose 3 speciality courses from the 13 options available (such as arts, biology-ecology, digital and computer sciences, history-geography, geopolitics and political sciences, engineering sciences, physics-chemistry, etc.). They have to keep two for their final year.

These choices aim to develop an individualised path in accordance with the interests and professional aspirations of each student. In addition, optional courses are available to deepen some subjects or explore new areas (for example, expert mathematics, complementary mathematics, etc.).

Professeur du baccalauréat français à l'Ecole Lémania. French baccalaureate teacher at Lemania

What makes the French Baccalaureate unique?

Linguistic diversity is valued within the framework of the French Baccalaureate, which draws its inspiration from the European context. This allows you to choose the two languages for the exam, without any constraints, among the languages ​​commonly spoken in Europe: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, etc.

The French Baccalaureate is a flagship diploma in the French education system. It is recognized throughout the world and benefits from both the influence of France’s cultural policy and its full recognition by the European Union. Preparing for your French baccalaureate at Ecole Lemania means benefiting from a dynamic structure leading to success.

In order to better support you in the design of your study project, we dedicate time to orientation. Depending on your priorities and your skills, we will present you with a study plan based on specialties that will open up a broader horizon for you.

Scholarships and/or loans are available for the French Baccalaureate in Switzerland. Ask the school secretary for more information.

Organization of the curriculum
BAC - Theofanidis - Lemania

Olga Theofanidis, Director of the French Baccalaureate

Throughout your studies at Lemania, Olga Theofanidis is committed to optimising your chances of success. Director of the Maturity/Bac/Secondary Studies Section, she ensures the quality of your exam preparation and ensures that you can fully express your potential.

She answers a few questions about the French Baccalaureate in Lemania.

Olga Theofanidis' interview

Preparation for the French Baccalaureate: admission conditions

To start preparing for the French Baccalaureate, you must have completed compulsory education. Strong motivation is also necessary to obtain this diploma.

Our secretary’s office is at your disposal for any additional information on the admission conditions and the various administrative formalities necessary for our French Baccalaureate course.

You can find various useful information for the French Baccalaureate on the following websites:

  • The eduscol website provides information on all aspects of the baccalaureate regulations.
  • Ecole Lemania depends on the Academy of Grenoble, you can access the website here.
  • The GESBF website, an organisation which Ecole Lemania school is a part of and which brings together all Swiss schools authorised to present academic candidates, will provide you with useful information on the organisation of the French Baccalaureate

We offer you a stimulating environment, where you can develop your skills in various areas and prepare optimally for upcoming exams. Ecole Lemania is the ideal choice for an enriching education and comprehensive preparation for your academic and professional future.

Elèves arrivant au campus urbain. Students entering urban campus

Student Life in our Lausanne downtown campus

Located in the heart of Lausanne, Ecole Lemania benefits from a dynamic environment connected to city life. In this vibrant city, where museums, theatres and restaurants coexist, students can draw positive energy for their academic career.

At Lemania, inspiration is not limited to classrooms. The city, recognized for its commitment to creativity, research and sport as the Olympic capital, offers an ideal setting for the personal and academic development of students.

Whether you aspire to join a specialised university (HES), obtain a bachelor’s degree in a Swiss university or aim for more specific sectors such as high school maturity or professional maturity, Lemania supports you on your journey. Thanks to a solid teaching program and a competent teaching team, you will be prepared for the required entrance exams and maturity exams.

In addition, thanks to close links with the local socio-economic fabric, students have access to opportunities for professional experience and practical training, which strengthens their academic and professional career.

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Image générale de l'internat. General picture of the boarding school

Boarding and catering

In the heart of Lausanne, Ecole Lemania has a welcoming boarding school for girls and boys from the age of 15.

In this boarding school, students benefit from a serene and comfortable living environment, conducive to concentration and well-being. They are supervised by qualified in-house teachers, available to support them in their studies and promote their personal development.

Whether for internal or external students, the school also offers quality catering, with meals prepared in the establishment’s kitchens under the supervision of a dedicated chef.

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Frequently asked questions

Determining whether the French Baccalaureate (Bac) is harder than the International Baccalaureate (IB) is subjective and depends on various factors including individual strengths, preferences, and the educational system the student is accustomed to. Both qualifications have their own unique challenges and characteristics.

The French Baccalaureate typically emphasises depth of knowledge in specific subject areas, especially in the final exams. It usually includes a combination of written and oral examinations, with a focus on memorization, analysis, and critical thinking. The curriculum is often more structured and focused on traditional academic subjects such as mathematics, sciences, literature, and philosophy.

On the other hand, the International Baccalaureate is known for its holistic approach to education. It requires students to study a broad range of subjects across various disciplines. The IB Diploma Programme (DP) includes not only traditional academic subjects but also components like Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay (EE), and Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS). It emphasises research skills and intercultural understanding.

The IB Diploma Programme can be particularly demanding due to its interdisciplinary nature and the requirement for students to complete an extended essay and engage in extracurricular activities.

Both the French Baccalaureate and the IB Diploma Programme offer flexibility in subject choices and allow students to tailor their studies to their interests and strengths. They are equally respected qualifications that can provide a solid foundation for further education and future endeavours.

The French Baccalaureate, also known as the “Baccalauréat” or “Bac” in France, is equivalent to a high school diploma in other countries. However, it is more comprehensive and rigorous than many high school diplomas. The French Baccalaureate signifies the completion of secondary education and is a prerequisite for entry into higher education institutions in France and many other countries.

In terms of international equivalency, the French Baccalaureate is often considered comparable to other pre-university qualifications such as the British A-levels, the German Abitur or the Swiss Maturity. Each of these qualifications represents the successful completion of secondary education and prepares students for further academic pursuits or entry into the workforce.

The French Baccalaureate, or “Bac,” is instrumental in preparing students for higher education and future careers. Its curriculum covers a wide range of subjects: it fosters a strong academic foundation across disciplines like mathematics, sciences, literature, and philosophy. This program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in further studies and professional endeavours.

Central to the Bac is the cultivation of critical thinking, analytical skills, and problem-solving abilities. Through deep exploration and analysis of complex topics, students develop intellectual curiosity and the capacity to navigate higher education and professional environments effectively.

Moreover, one of the French Bac advantages is that it offers specialisation options which allow students to focus on areas aligned with their interests and career aspirations. This tailored approach provides specialised knowledge and skills relevant to students’ chosen paths.

As a prerequisite for admission to higher education institutions, both in France and internationally, the Bac opens doors to diverse academic programs and universities. It also emphasises communication and language proficiency, vital for success in academia, professional settings, and global careers.

Beyond academics, the French Baccalaureate fosters personal and professional development. It nurtures qualities such as autonomy, self-discipline, time management, and teamwork, which are essential for future success.

Olga Theofanidis, Directrice Section Maturité - Bac - Etudes secondaires

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Ecole Lemania offers a diverse range of training that opens up vast prospects for the future. Whether to access university or to enter directly into the job market, our institution offers several access routes adapted to the needs and aspirations of each individual. Indeed, our educational offer includes varied programs allowing you to achieve different levels of studies and qualifications.

For those aspiring to pursue university studies, our school offers preparatory courses for admission exams to Swiss higher education institutions, whether the federal maturity exam or the gymnasium maturity certificate. These intensive programs are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to pass these demanding entrance exams.

If you want to enter the professional world directly, we offer specialised training in various fields. It is also possible to combine professional training and higher education through our work-study programs, which offer students the opportunity to gain practical experience while continuing their studies.

To facilitate the transition between the different educational paths, preparation and refresher courses are offered to students, in order to help them consolidate their knowledge and prepare themselves as best as possible for their future studies or their entry into the professional world. Bridges are also possible between the different streams.