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A tailor-made program

The new French Baccalaureate offers you a wider choice. After a common teaching program, you can compose your baccalaureate according to your profile and your expectations.

Professeur du baccalauréat français à l'Ecole Lémania. French baccalaureate teacher at Lemania

What makes the French Baccalaureate unique?

The field of languages takes advantage of the profoundly European inspiration of the French Baccalaureate. This allows you to choose the two languages that you will present for the exam, without any constraint, from among the languages commonly spoken in the World: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, etc.

In order to better accompany you in the conception of your study project, we dedicate time to orientation. Depending on your priorities and skills, we will present you with a study plan based on specialties that will open up a wider horizon.

Finally, the French Baccalaureate is a diploma recognized worldwide and benefits both from the influence of France’s cultural policy and its full recognition by the European Union. Preparing for the French Baccalaureate at the Lemania School means benefiting from a dynamic structure leading to success.

Scholarships and/or loans are available for the French Baccalaureate. Information from the school’s secretariat.

Organization of the curriculum
BAC - Theofanidis - Lemania

Olga Theofanidis, Director of the French Baccalaureate

Throughout your studies at Lemania, Olga Theofanidis will make sure to maximize your chances of success. As Director of the Maturity/Bac/Secondary Education Section, she is responsible for the quality of your exam preparation and ensures that you can express your full potential.

She answers a few questions about the French Baccalaureate in Lemania.

Olga Theofanidis' interview

Admission Requirements

To begin preparing for the French Baccalaureate, you must have completed the compulsory schooling. A strong motivation is also necessary to obtain the French Baccalaureate.

Our secretary’s office is at your disposal for any further information on admission requirements and the various administrative formalities necessary for our French Baccalaureate program.

You can find various useful information for the French Baccalaureate on the following websites: éduscol informs on all aspects of the regulations of the baccalaureate. The Lemania school depends on the Academy of Grenoble, you can access the site here. The website of the GESBF, an organization to which the Lemania school belongs and which regroups all the Swiss schools authorized to present school candidates, will provide you with useful information on the organization of the French Baccalaureate.

Elèves arrivant au campus urbain. Students entering urban campus

Student Life in our downtown campus

Located in the center of Lausanne, the Lemania offers a lively teaching environment connected to the city. The museums, theaters, cinemas, stores and restaurants that make the heart of the city beat spread positive vibrations in the school’s atmosphere.

At Lemania, you will be fully inspired by a city renowned for its commitment to creativity, research and above all sport, since Lausanne is the Olympic capital.

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Image générale de l'internat. General picture of the boarding school

Our Boarding School welcomes day students at lunchtime

Lemania’s Boarding School is open to girls and boys from 15 years old.

The boarding school offers a serene and comfortable living environment, as well as an incomparable study support by qualified internal teachers who guide the boarders in their learning.

Day students can join the boarders for lunch prepared in the school kitchen under the direction of our chef.

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Olga Theofanidis, Directrice Section Maturité - Bac - Etudes secondaires

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Olga Theofanidis, Director of the Maturité/Bac/Secondary School section

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