L'Ecole Lémania vous ouvre au monde, tout simplement.

International Baccalaureate Diploma - Lémania School

Bonjour to the World

We have installed our IB in the heart of Lausanne. We will welcome you in an urban and cultural setting. You will benefit from a warm and stimulating environment. Whether you come from Switzerland or from all over the world, you will be able to open the doors of all the universities in the world.

Baccalauréat international - Ecole Lémania - Lausanne

A programme to serve your projects

The International Baccalaureate is recognised worldwide and students who obtain the qualification can enrol at the university of their choice.

In 2013, more than 100,000 students holding the IB qualification went on to higher education courses, and this number is rising each year. In the last decade, IB students have applied to more than 5,000 higher education institutions in over 100 countries. Statistics show that students who hold the IB qualification stand a better chance of being accepted on a higher education course than their peers and obtain better results. For more information about these figures, go to:

The Diploma Programme training consultant will help you choose your university and put together your application, based on your chosen institution’s admissions criteria.

Organisation of the curriculum
International BAC - Lemania

Giovanna Crisante, IBDP Coordinator

Throughout your curriculum in Lemania, Giovanna Crisante will make sure to maximize your chances of success. As IBDP Coordinator, she guarantees the quality of your diploma preparation and ensures that you can express your full potential.

She will answer a few questions about the IB in Lemania.

Giovanna Crisante's Interivew
Baccalauréat international - Ecole Lémania

Your profile is key for your application

Here at Lemania College, our admission procedure looks at potential students’ whole personality, rather than focusing purely on applicants’ academic record. This gives us a better picture of each student’s specific needs, to make sure they succeed and fulfil their ambitions once they join the school.

We only make final admission decisions once students have submitted a complete application pack. If you are still missing some documents, you will need to tell us when they will be available.

Our admin team is here to help you complete the admission process and, if necessary, obtain your student visa.

The school’s Admissions Committee accepts all suitably qualified applicants, without discrimination on racial, ethnic or religious grounds.

Lausanne - Nouvelle place du Flon avec sa fontaine

Enjoy life on our downtown campus

Located in the center of Lausanne, the Lemania offers a lively teaching environment connected to the city. The museums, theaters, cinemas, stores and restaurants that make the heart of the city beat spread positive vibrations in the school’s atmosphere.

At Lemania, you will be fully inspired by a city renowned for its commitment to creativity, research and above all sport, since Lausanne is the Olympic capital.

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Lémania - jour et nuit

Open night and day

Lemania’s Boarding School is open to girls and boys from 15 years old.

The boarding school offers a serene and comfortable living environment, as well as an incomparable study support by qualified internal teachers who guide the boarders in their learning.

Day students can join the boarders for lunch prepared in the school kitchen under the direction of our chef.

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Education générale - école Lémania

Lemania's promise


Our ambition is not only to ensure the student’s success in the exam, but also to provide him/her with the skills and work methods that will help him/her throughout his/her studies.


For many years, Lemania School has been able to rely on a dedicated teaching team that is strongly involved in the success of their students.


We are committed to maintaining a constructive dialogue with parents and students. This is how our approach becomes proactive.


We set up clear rules and a continuous pedagogical follow-up thanks to online information in real time. We want all the steps proposed to the students to be easily identifiable and understandable.


Our goal is to ensure that the time spent at school is profitable. This is why we consider after-school care particularly important: supervised studies and individualized coaching are part of our school’s offer.

International BAC - Lemania

Ask for a personal advice

Giovanna Crisante, IBDP Coordinator

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The Lemania offers a wide range of training courses that allows to broaden horizons. There are several alternatives for university entrance, as well as trainings that allow direct entry into the job market. Bridges are possible between the different training courses. Preparation and upgrading courses are available prior to entry in the preparation of diplomas.