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For over 100 years, Ecole Lemania has stood as a beacon of excellence in education. In the very centre of Lausanne, we guide students aged 11 and upwards toward their brightest futures. We offer a wide choice of diplomas in both French and English which are recognized by universities and professionals worldwide and ensure our learners are well-prepared for the global stage. At Ecole Lemania, we believe in more than just academic success; we are committed to nurturing the whole individual and to encouraging each student to uncover and work on their unique potential.

General Education

Explore your full potential thanks to the academic programmes offered at secondary level offered by Ecole Lemania. Discover diplomas recognised by universities in Switzerland and internationally: Swiss Maturity, French Baccalaureate and International Baccalaureate.

Professional Training

Professional training at Ecole Lemania offers great flexibility with courses available during the day or evening, allowing learners to pursue their professional projects.

Your private school in the heart of Lausanne

Founded in 1908, our multicultural international school in Lausanne offers innovative teaching methodologies and a supportive, vibrant learning environment. We pride ourselves on a culture of excellence and tolerance, which permeates every aspect of school life. This, combined with our rich history, enables us to provide the very best education.  


Join us at Ecole Lemania, where our students are encouraged to engage in a wide range of extracurricular activities and initiatives. From sports to arts, technology, and social service, our programmes are designed to cultivate leadership, teamwork, creativity, and a sense of responsibility towards others. It is through these experiences that our students learn to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts, and to develop resilience, empathy, and problem-solving skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

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The IB Experience

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The Summer Camp

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Any questions about Ecole Lemania?

You have a question? In need of a personalized piece of advice?

Our Lausanne private school’s directors will be pleased to help you. Please reach out to them to define your personal path to success.

At Ecole Lemania, the programme directors monitor and personally welcome each new student. You can contact them directly using the dedicated contact forms.

Giovanna Crisante - International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Coordinator

The IBDP offers a wealth of solutions in Switzerland and abroad. Have a look at what makes the IB so special at Lemania.
Read Giovanna's interview

Anh-Tan Thai - Director of the International Camp and the Language Courses

An expert in international education, Anh-Tan Thai has designed a Summer Camp and Language Courses that offer unlimited flexibility in learning (and having fun!).
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Olga Theofanidis, Directrice Section Maturité - Bac - Etudes secondaires

Olga Theofanidis - Director of the French Secondary Section

Theofanidis will work to maximize your chances of success. As Director of the Maturité/Bac/Secondary Studies Section, she is responsible for the quality of your exam preparation, and ensures that you can express your full potential.
Olga Theofanidis answers a few questions about the importance of a personal interview to define the best study plan at Lemania School.
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Marie-Laure Jacquemond - Director of the Business Studies Division

Did you know that Ecole Lémania offers professional degrees recognised by the Swiss Confederation and many other solutions to help you thrive on the job market ?
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To Live and Study in Lausanne

The Ecole Lemania campus offers a perfect environment for balancing life and studies. Situated amidst the stunning landscapes of Switzerland, Lausanne offers a dynamic and enriching environment for academic pursuits. From the lively buzz of the school campus to the tranquil shores of Lake Geneva, Lausanne has a diverse range of experiences for students to explore, including a rich cultural scene and outdoor activities. The city has an efficient public transportation system, safe streets, and a welcoming atmosphere, a perfect setting for personal and intellectual growth.

Frequently asked questions

Private schools in Switzerland, particularly in Lausanne, offer several advantages for students and their families. Firstly, private schools often provide smaller class sizes, which allows for more personalized attention and tailored educational experiences. Additionally, many private schools, especially international ones, offer a diverse and multicultural environment, ideal for global perspectives and cultural understanding among students.


Private schools in Lausanne also tend to have well-equipped facilities and resources, including modern technology and specialized programs, which enhances the overall learning experience. Furthermore, private schools often have more flexibility in their curriculum and teaching methods. They can adapt to the individual needs and interests of students. On the downside, private education can be costly, with tuition fees typically higher than those of public schools. This expense may limit access to private education for some families. 

Image générale de l'internat. General picture of the boarding school

Our Boarding School welcomes day students at lunchtime

Lemania’s Boarding School is open to girls and boys from 15 years old.

The boarding school offers a serene and comfortable living environment, as well as an incomparable study support by qualified internal teachers who guide the boarders in their learning.

Day students can join the boarders for lunch prepared in the school kitchen under the direction of our chef.

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Elèves arrivant au campus urbain. Students entering urban campus

Student Life in our downtown campus

Located in the centre of Lausanne, Ecole Lemania offers a lively teaching environment connected to the city which gives a special touch to the study abroad programs. The museums, theaters, cinemas, stores and restaurants that are the heart of the city, bring positive vibrations to the school.

At Lemania, you will be fully inspired by a city renowned for its commitment to creativity, research and above all sport, since Lausanne is the Olympic capital.

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Do you need to know more about the IB Diploma and the university opportunities it brings? This summer, Ecole Lemania has an IB Discovery programme over 2 weeks to help parents and students understand the requirements and advantages of this globally recognised and respected 2-year high school diploma. Each morning, students attend classes and will discover which academic subjects the IB Diploma offers, what the letters CAS, TOK and EE mean and why they are so important. Students will start to explore the many university courses and locations to see what best suits them. There is also the chance to visit local university campus, a seminar from a career advisor and information about living away from home, time management and how to handle exam stress. Afternoons and weekends are reserved for activities and sports with students from Switzerland and around the world to ensure that students stay healthy and cherish this opportunity of spending the summer in Switzerland. For more details download our summer campus brochure at or contact us directly at for more information. #ibschool #ibboardingschool #internationalschools #summercamp

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Living and studying in Lausanne gives students a wide range of experiences to choose from. This week students have been; invited to attend a football match at Lausanne Sports in Switzerland’s top professional league, had a guided tour of the Olympic Museum, visited Laser Game Evolution for a team building event, had a sports lesson at the Place du Milan and let’s not forget the ski weekend at Champéry. ..... Vivre et étudier à Lausanne offre aux étudiants un large éventail d'expériences. Cette semaine, les étudiants ont été invités à assister à un match de football au Lausanne Sports dans la première ligue professionnelle de Suisse, ont eu une visite guidée du Musée Olympique, ont visité le Laser Game Evolution pour un événement de team building, ont eu une leçon de sport à la Place du Milan et n'oublions pas le week-end de ski à Champéry.

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he CAS projects are an important part of the IB and Lemania College is proud to see that our Prep and IB students are helping to make a difference in Lausanne. From January to March, students and staff will be helping out on Monday evenings at the Foundation Mere Sofia. Visit their site to see how you could also help ... Les projets CAS sont une partie importante de l'IB et Lemania College est fier de voir que nos élèves de Prep et de l'IB contribuent à faire la différence à Lausanne. De janvier à mars, les élèves et le personnel aideront les lundis soirs à la Fondation Mere Sofia. Visitez leur site pour voir comment vous pouvez aussi aider