Fourchette Verte, boarding school and family atmosphere

It's been over a year since the Ecole Lemania kitchen was awarded the Fourchette Verte label. We wanted to raise awareness of the importance we attach to providing a healthy and varied diet and respecting the dietary requirements of different religions.

What is the “Fourchette Verte” label?

“Founded in 1993 in Geneva under the name “Fédération Fourchette verte suisse” the programme adopted aims to change consumer habits through restaurant owners. Over time, the Federation has gradually spread to most of the Swiss cantons.

Since it was founded, it has been offering well-balanced daily specials that respect the criteria of the food pyramid. Often used in the context of health promotion and the prevention of certain diseases (various cancers, cardiovascular pathologies, and obesity), the concept put forward and adopted by many establishments, both public and private, is to offer healthy, high-quality menus that reconcile pleasure and health, two concepts that are often at odds with each other.

It’s all about combining fresh, varied seasonal foods with a rich flavour”.

It’s worth noting in passing that it’s not just our boarding students who benefit. During the school year, except for Wednesdays when most of our pupils have the afternoon off, we serve around 240 meals at lunchtime to many day pupils from the Lemania School and the EBSR (Ecole Bilingue de la Suisse Romande).

The highlights of the year are not forgotten. Here, for example, is the starter from last year’s Christmas meal.

Eating well and healthily is by far not the only asset of the boarding school, run by Mrs. Valentine Du Pasquier Zeis assisted by Mrs. Carole Du Pasquier.

The privileged setting in the city center, which encourages social life, the proximity of the lake and the mountains, the location at the center of Europe, making it easy to go on excursions to Paris or Milan, for example, and the safety of our country are all significant advantages for our students. The quality of the teaching provided in the classroom is naturally another major advantage. Another great advantage is the family dimension of our boarding school.

Four boarding teachers (two men and two women, all students) provide individual support for each boarder, both on a personal level – some pupils are a little disorientated by the separation from their parents during the difficult period of adolescence – and on an academic level, thanks to the evening studies which take place from Monday to Thursday from 8 pm to 10 pm.  The help provided by the residential teachers, whose skills cover all the subjects taught at the school, is aimed at making the pupils independent and getting them used to working regularly. Pupils with poor academic results are subject to even stricter supervision.

Extra-curricular sports, leisure, and cultural activities are now concentrated exclusively on weekends.

We would remind you that it is also possible to enroll for boarding from Monday to Friday for a reduced price, allowing the student to enjoy all that the boarding school offers, except for extra-curricular activities.

In conclusion, we can say that the health of our students and their academic success are at the heart of the Boarding School team’s mission throughout the year and during the weeks of the summer course.

Philppe Du PasquierMembre du Conseil d'Administration de l'Ecole Lémania