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Aim higher

Our Diploma of Management assistant aims to give candidates professional and methodological skills to help them embark on a new career or build on their prior professional experience.

Organisation of the curriculum

You can join our continuing education programmes four times a year (August, November, February and April).

Courses are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.30pm to 9.40pm, depending on school holidays and public holidays in the canton of Vaud. Programmes last 28 weeks or 36 weeks. Modules vary in length.

Content of the modules

Accounting, economics, finance and law

General accounting, practical compatibility (getting to grips with and using ABACUS accounting software, including ABACUS for entrepreneurs). Financing and investments. Inflation and money supply imbalances. Sales contracts, employment contracts and leases. Company law. Information technology: courses at EDCL levels (Basic, Standard, Expert). Commercial and financial calculations using spreadsheets: acquisition of basic functions, presentation of simple and complex calculation tables.

Communication and digital tools

Google Apps (Google Mail (and management of contacts and groups), Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Google Forms), collaborative tools (Teams, Zoom, Share Drive, Cloud). Generating visual content: creating flyers, posters, editing video clips (Canva). Commercial communication: techniques for writing letters in different areas of commercial correspondence (offers, reminders, complaints, etc.), templates and exercises. Using AI to generate content, sharing and promoting content: social and professional networks (general information, use for personal and professional marketing).


Courses at CEFR levels (A1 to C1): grammar, exercises, oral and written business scenarios.

Cross-cutting skills


Throughout the course. Personal training and certification based on “expert” level objectives (95% accuracy, typing speed of 65 words per minute).

Marie-Laure Jacquemond, Director of the Business Studies Division

Throughout your studies at Lemania, Marie-Laure Jacquemond will maximize your chances of success. As Director of the Business Studies Division, she guarantees the quality of your studies and ensures that you can express your full potential.

She answers some questions about professional studies in Lemania.

Marie-Laure Jacquemond's interview
Elèves arrivant au campus urbain. Students entering urban campus

Student Life in our Lausanne downtown campus

Located in the heart of Lausanne, Ecole Lemania benefits from a dynamic environment connected to city life. In this vibrant city, where museums, theatres and restaurants coexist, students can draw positive energy for their academic career.

At Lemania, inspiration is not limited to classrooms. The city, recognized for its commitment to creativity, research and sport as the Olympic capital, offers an ideal setting for the personal and academic development of students.

Whether you aspire to join a specialised university (HES), obtain a bachelor’s degree in a Swiss university or aim for more specific sectors such as high school maturity or professional maturity, Lemania supports you on your journey. Thanks to a solid teaching program and a competent teaching team, you will be prepared for the required entrance exams and maturity exams.

In addition, thanks to close links with the local socio-economic fabric, students have access to opportunities for professional experience and practical training, which strengthens their academic and professional career.

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Make your profile stronger

Registering for our continuing education courses includes the opportunity to have your professional profile assessed during a one-to-one interview with a certified PersProfile expert, where we will take the time to understand your expectations, how you work and what motivates you professionally.  At the end of this assessment, you’ll be in a better position to understand the driving forces behind your behaviour, to get to know yourself better and make the most of all your assets, to make more informed career choices, to communicate better in your professional environment and avoid conflicts, or to put together your teams properly and ensure their harmony.

All our diplomas include certificates validating the knowledge acquired during the programme of each module, as well as the personal level obtained at the end of the course in English (according to the CEFR classification – Common European Framework of Reference) and in IT and office tools (according to the ECDL classification – ECDL BASE / Standard / Expert), and in typing (typing speed and degree of accuracy).

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The Lemania offers a wide range of training courses that allows to broaden horizons. There are several alternatives for university entrance, as well as trainings that allow direct entry into the job market. Bridges are possible between the different training courses. Preparation and upgrading courses are available prior to entry in the preparation of diplomas.
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