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General Education at the secondary level is always a crucial moment of orientation. You are unique, and your talents are unique. This is why it is important that you can choose the path that best suits your profile.

Education générale Lémania. Lemania General Education
Image générale de l'internat. General picture of the boarding school

Boarding and catering

In the heart of Lausanne, Ecole Lemania has a welcoming boarding school for girls and boys from the age of 15.

In this boarding school, students benefit from a serene and comfortable living environment, conducive to concentration and well-being. They are supervised by qualified in-house teachers, available to support them in their studies and promote their personal development.

Whether for internal or external students, the school also offers quality catering, with meals prepared in the establishment’s kitchens under the supervision of a dedicated chef.

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Build strong basis

Lemania School welcomes students from the age of 11, and offers basic courses, bridging, and revision courses.

Broaden your horizon

In addition to general education, Lemania School offers language courses, a summer camp, as well as professional training.