Launch of the book “Edupreneurial Pivot”

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The book launch ceremony for the book “Edupreneurial Pivot: Transformation of school organizations through an entrepreneurial mindset” took place at Business School Lausanne on Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 in the presence of several distinguished guests, including Laurence Halifi, co-founder of Graines d’Entrepreneurs, Jean-Pierre Hocké, former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Jean-Pierre Du Pasquier, President of the Lemania Group and Michel Jordi, a famous Swiss entrepreneur.

The presentation of the book by the two co-authors, Dr. David Claivaz, CEO of the Lemania Group and Acting Dean of Business School Lausanne, and Dr. Dominique Bourqui, entrepreneur, certified coach and Director of the Doctoral School of Business School Lausane, captivated the audience to such an extent that the question-and-answer session that followed lasted almost an hour.

The main thesis of the book is that only by generalizing the entrepreneurial spirit within schools, at all levels, will they be able to teach students the skills they will need in the 21st century in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world (VUCA). Entrepreneurial action is defined as follows on page 128 of the book: “Entrepreneurial action (…) is defined as the combination of diverse elements to solve a problem, through the optimal use of available resources and, when necessary, the development of innovative solutions.

The demonstration is based on the parallelism between entrepreneurial skills and 21st century skills as defined, for example, in the P21 model: creativity, critical thinking, problem solving skills, communication, collaboration, flexibility, etc.

It is difficult to summarize such a rich book in a few lines. So I encourage you to read it. It is possible to order it by following this link:

You can also find more information, including items not included in the book, on the official website:


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Photo : Stéphanie Page