Lemania College was founded by Dr. Paul Du Pasquier in 1908. The school’s initial purpose was to provide a fast-track pathway into higher education for adults who had missed the opportunity during their childhood. Lemania College is a non-profit organisation. Since its foundation more than a century ago, the school has expanded its range of programmes. We now offer secondary schooling, Swiss Maturité, French baccalauréat, business and language courses, summer schools, CPD and evening classes. As such, we play a full and active role in the education landscape here in the Canton of Vaud.


Fournir une réponse professionnelle — (EN)

We address stated education needs through personal support for our pupils and students.

Dispenser — (EN)

We deliver an outstanding education tailored to individual pupil needs and, where possible, offer a fast-track route to qualifications.

Accueilir — (EN)

We provide a warm, welcoming environment where we prepare students for meaningful study and exam success.


Transmettre le savoir — (EN)

We teach knowledge, expertise and social skills, in a spirit of tolerance and mutual respect.

Établir une adéquation — (EN)

We make sure our provision is always aligned with pupil potential and aspirations.

Permettre — (EN)

We enable any person, regardless of age and prior learning, to get the education they need to achieve their aspirations.


Pupils and students

  • We welcome people of all nationalities, faiths and backgrounds, without prejudice. Our pupils and students come from many different countries – something that helps foster tolerance among our children and gives the school a cosmopolitan feel.

Teachers and staff

  • Our teachers and staff are committed to upholding Lemania College’s vision, mission and values. They seek to create an enabling environment where pupils and students can learn and thrive.
  • All our teachers are subject to the rules set out in the Association Vaudoise des Ecoles Privées (AVDEP) agreement, which has governed private-sector teaching staff since 1995.

Partners and professional associations

  • We are involved in shaping the future of education. We are a member of regional, national and international associations working to uphold and improve educational standards.


We monitor the quality of our teaching provision and facilities on an ongoing basis, making changes wherever necessary to reflect customer requirements, comply with educational laws and drive continuous improvement.

We constantly improve our services, notably through our eduQua-certified quality management system.