« The future is yours. Come and see us at Lemania and unleash your potential. »

Marie-Laure Jacquemond

Marie-Laure Jacquemond, who holds a Master's in Management from the prestigious Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (the first-ever business school), joined the Lemania School in 2022 as a teacher. Since June 2023, she has been head of the Business Studies Division at the Lemania School.

Can you tell us about your career path and your role as Director of Business Studies and Continuing Education at Lemania School?

Before joining Lemania, I held several exciting general and strategic management positions in both large institutions and fast-growing start-ups. My academic and professional career has given me solid experience in the field of education and vocational training. As Director of the Business Studies and Continuing Education Division at Lemania, my role is to develop innovative training programmes tailored to the needs of the market, while ensuring that we provide the right environment for our students to develop their human and professional qualities.

What distinguishes the business and secretarial courses offered at Lemania? How do these programmes respond to the changing needs of the professional world?

Our business and secretarial courses stand out for their practical approach, tailored to the needs of the business world. We provide the knowledge and develop the skills our students need to succeed in their future careers. Our team of experienced instructors, who are both practising and in-house, work in collaboration with regional companies to ensure that our courses are adapted to the ever-changing professional world, and that our students fit into teams naturally and effectively.

Can you give us an overview of the unique advantages offered by the daytime and evening programmes in your division?

Our daytime programmes are designed for students who want to devote themselves fully to their training. They benefit from complete immersion in the content of our courses, which combine learning in the traditional format with practical situations based on the “learning by doing” principle. For those who already have professional or personal commitments during the day, our evening courses offer invaluable flexibility, enabling them to acquire new skills and certifications at a pace that they themselves define. We offer many courses in the form of “à la carte” modules, with certificates validating prior learning.

How does École Lemania support its students throughout their training?

We have set up a personalised follow-up system for each student. Our trainers are partners with our students, committed to their success. What’s more, our partnerships with companies in the region mean that students can benefit from work placements and practical advice to ease their transition to the world of work.

Finally, what message would you like to send to future students interested in the Business Studies and Continuing Education programmes at Lemania School?

« Come and see us at Lemania and unleash your potential ».

The transition to the world of work, or to a new stage in your professional career, is full of challenges. As a team, you and we, with our decades of experience in the training sector, will prepare you for it. Lemania is an environment where high standards and the desire to go the extra mile meet the real needs of the market, bringing out the best in your talents and personality. Our programmes are designed to help you acquire tangible skills and seize exciting opportunities. If you want to invest in your professional future, we will be delighted to support you and provide you with the tools you need to succeed at this important stage of your career.

Marie-Laure JacquemondDirector of the Business Studies Division

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