"We want to allow students to discover a new programme that differs from the traditional programme students attended before entering the preparatory class."

International BAC - Lemania

Giovanna Crisante on the Preparatory class

Giovanna Crisante was born and grew up in the province of Aquila, in the Abruzzo region of Italy. She arrived in Switzerland in 2009, within the framework of her research in biology, which culminated in obtaining a doctorate in pharmacology and toxicology from the University of Lausanne in 2014. The same year, she joined Lémania College, first as a science teacher, then as Coordinator of the International Baccalaureate Diploma in 2018. Her teaching experience dates back to the private lessons she gave, from the age of 14, to the children of her village. She gradually realized that the way of teaching is decisive in the success of students. She found in the pedagogy of the International Baccalaureate favorable tools to the development and success of students.

What is your role in Lemania and how do you see it?

I have been coordinator of the International Baccalaureate since the academic year 2018-2019. I make sure the program runs smoothly. I strive to improve the quality of teaching in the IB Diploma Programme in performance, fostering dialogue between students, teachers and parents.

Your good reasons for choosing the preparatory class?

We want to allow students to discover a new programme that differs from the traditional programme students attended before entering the preparatory class.

The discovery, understanding and application of the qualities of the IB learner profile are at the heart of the learning process. Gradually, our students become curious, informed, communicative, critical and open-minded.

What is your project for the preparatory class in Lemania?

My plan for the preparatory class is to give students the opportunity to study all the subjects that we offer in the IB Diploma Programme. The purpose of it is to help students discover their strengths. This facilitates the choice of the six subjects for the Diploma Program and allows the successful completion of the latter. A second project for this class is to involve students in a range of activities alongside their academic studies in order to promote their personal and interpersonal development by learning from experience.

How do you recognise a student (s) made for the IBDP?
All students can choose an IB Diploma Programme if they are ambitious, curious, consistent and rigorous.

What do students do after the preparatory class?

In most cases, they join our IB Diploma Programme. However, they might consider enrolling in the high school, if their level of French allows it.

Why is an interview useful for interested pupils and parents?

Firstly, to get an idea of ​​the student’s personality and to understand whether our programme meets their expectations and the expectations of their parents. Secondly, to guide students in choosing the subjects that could be more appropriate to their skills, while respecting the criteria requested by the universities they would like to integrate after graduation.

Giovanna CrisanteIBDP Coordinator

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