"We want to guarantee a punctual and above all channeled follow-up for each of our interns, surrounding them incessantly to guide them in the best possible way towards success."

Directrice de l'interant. Boardin school director

Valentine Du Pasquier Zeis on the Boarding School

Valentine Du Pasquier was born in Neuchâtel and grew up in Ticino. After graduating in Communication and Visual Arts, she worked in the private sector in both startups and large groups. Valentine Du Pasquier joined the Lemania Group in 2010 as a French and Italian teacher in the Swiss Maturité and French Baccalaureate classes. She took over the boarding school in August 2019 and teaches some courses at Lemania.

What is your role in Lemania, and how do you see it?

As Director of the Boarding School, I must guarantee a framework conducive to studies and private space as enjoyable as the family home that our young students have just left. We take into account that we are an international institution that welcomes students from all over the world. Therefore, it is essential to emphasize a warm environment that considers cultural and religious differences. We are attentive to integration, even in food, relaxation, and any other aspect that can facilitate our students’ development throughout their stay with us. On all points, the mission entrusted to us is to accompany the young people, guide and support them in learning life. The direct and daily contact that I personally weave with each of my students is particularly close to my heart. Time is an outstanding asset that often determines the key to success. It must be managed in terms of quality and respect for each student’s intellectual, psychological, and emotional identity.

A particularity of the boarding school that appeals to the students?

It is the fun, sports, and cultural activities that our interns enjoy the most. They are organized according to the seasons but also taking into account the wishes of the students. Being open and communicative, I am continually listening to my interns involved in the boarding school projects. This, to offer them a better environment at all times.

What is the added value of the Boarding School?

The Boarding School is intended to be a place of accommodation and a possibility to considerably increase success chances. It is essential to establish a close link between the academic and boarding school fields.  We want to guarantee a punctual and above all channeled follow-up for each of our interns, surrounding them incessantly to guide them in the best possible way towards success. We work with young girls and boys in their mid-teens for whom studies are not always at the top of the list of concerns. Our job is to continually motivate them with new and clever strategies to capture their attention and, above all, their interest.

What signs do you have of a good day at the boarding school?

In the evenings, on weekends, or during school vacations, we can best measure a beautiful day spent at the boarding school. After classes, it’s time to relax in a family home. The common areas come alive, with video games, card games, chess or backgammon, darts, television, and sometimes reflections on political, social, or even metaphysical subjects. The blossoming of our interns is the result of a beautiful day that ends in harmony.

How do you recognize a student made for boarding school?

The profile of an internal student has characteristics that are both multiple and varied. Sometimes it is merely a matter of geography. Some of our students come from very far away to benefit from an education that meets Swiss standards. We also sometimes welcome students to help them get back on their feet. We are committed to providing constant support to all of them. The Boarding School aims to meet all these expectations through a parameterized analysis. We also offer a targeted pedagogical framework according to diverse needs.

Why is an interview useful for interested students and parents?

Interviews with both students and parents are critical for several reasons. It is essential to reassure future interns about the challenges they may be afraid to face. It is crucial to reassure them that boarding school is not synonymous with prison. On the contrary, boarding students have a great deal of freedom which, like everything else, is earned on trust and respect, essential ingredients, in my opinion, for the key to success. Besides, interns can make new acquaintances and feel independent, which is fundamental to maturity. Direct contact with the parents allows them to know exactly who they are entrusting their children to and that we will take care of their children’s success and happiness. To this end, I would like to emphasize that the spirit of Lemania, since its foundation, is based on a family spirit. These are values that I am a defender of. One last point to share with parents, which is of primary importance, is the proposal to establish a close collaboration relationship. This approach allows me to guarantee better caring especially in difficult moments, to best ensure this delicate mission we have been entrusted with.

Valentine Du Pasquier ZeisDirectrice de l'Internat

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