Secretarial Diploma. Evening classes

Professeur de la section commerce Lémania. Teacher of the business section at Lemania


Classes for the secretarial course take place on two evenings a week for a full year (from 6:30 p.m. to 9:40 p.m.).

There is one program entry point per year, in October.

Lessons are scheduled with official school holidays in mind.


We start all subjects on the Secretarial Diploma program from scratch, with the exception of languages, where you will need to take an entry test to determine your level.

Quantitative Management Techniques (12 months)

-Balance sheet, income statement, payroll, accounting forecasts, reserves, holding accounts, closing.

IT (12 months)

  • Word: functions, practicals exercices, drafting business letters, memos, CVs, proposals
  • Excel: practical exercices, functions, spreadsheets, graphs.
  • PowerPoint: Work Report (RT), producing a short presentation on a professional experience.

Foreign Language

  • Language lessons are tailored to students’ abilities. All learners take an entry test to determine their level. The test results are based on European standards.

Commercial Law

  • Contract Law, Corporate Law

Business Writing in French

Activité en classe de commerce à l'Ecole Lémania. Activity at the Business class at Lemania

Teaching methods

The secretarial program is primarily tailored specifically to the demands of official examinations and business needs. The fast-paced teaching and classes on the Secretarial Diploma are scheduled to fit around your work and personal life.

Our experienced training consultants will advise you on the right pathway, according to your ability.

The following teaching methods and tools are used:

  • Training delivered by experienced practitioners.
  • Learning by doing.
  • Case studies and simulations.
  • Questions and exercises to help you revise effectively.

Half-day “learning to learn” seminar included.

Elève Lémania en confiance. Trusting Lemania Student

Lemania's promise


Our ambition is not only to ensure the student’s success in the exam, but also to provide him/her with the skills and work methods that will help him/her throughout his/her studies.


For many years, Lemania School has been able to rely on a dedicated teaching team that is strongly involved in the success of their students.


We are committed to maintaining a constructive dialogue with parents and students. This is how our approach becomes proactive.


We set up clear rules and a continuous pedagogical follow-up thanks to online information in real time. We want all the steps proposed to the students to be easily identifiable and understandable.


Our goal is to ensure that the time spent at school is profitable. This is why we consider after-school care particularly important: supervised studies and individualized coaching are part of our school’s offer.

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Marie-Laure Jacquemond, Director of the Business Studies Division

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