Welcome to Lemania College

Lemania College is a family-run non-profit organisation founded more than a century ago. We deliver a truly unique education via our wide range of programmes – secondary schooling, Swiss Maturité, French baccalaureate, international baccalaureate, business and language courses, summer schools, CPD and evening classes. As such, we play a full and active role in the education landscape, both here in Switzerland and around the world.

A leading Swiss school

Lemania College was founded in 1908. But our programmes change to reflect the world we live in.

Through our international vision, we’ve built a multi-cultural body of teaching staff and students and expanded our reach within Switzerland and beyond.

More than 100,000 pupils and students have come through the school since its foundation, and we have an extensive network of alumni who have gone on to succeed in their life and careers across many different industries.

Our Mission and statement

Here at Lemania College, we have a broad mission statement.
We want to be one of the leading private schools in Switzerland, with established local roots and a global presence. We want to build long-lasting ties with our pupils and students and deliver a responsible, sustainable education.

Through cutting-edge technology and hard-working staff, we provide our pupils with a truly outstanding education.

Each and every person who works at Lemania College is committed to our cause, giving our young people the best chance of success in the future.

Our pupils and students come from more than 80 different countries – something that helps foster tolerance among our children and gives the school a cosmopolitan feel.

I strongly believe that generosity, hard work and tolerance for others are values that every person needs in their life.

I want to thank all our parents, pupils, students and learners for choosing our school.

I wish you and your loved ones happiness and success.


J P Du Pasquier

President and Chief Executive