The Paul Du Pasquier Foundation was created in 1983 to provide financial assistance. It issues bursaries to cover tuition and boarding fees at Lemania College, in part or in full.

Our bursaries are means-tested and awarded on merit.

Bursaries are eligible for renewal provided that the criteria set by Lemania College are met.

Decisions are therefore based on the applicant’s motivation, academic results, talent and excellence. The criteria also include an assessment of whether the applicant is capable of completing the intended programme.

Bursary applicants’ parents are required to provide the school with detailed information about their financial and economic situation.

The amount of bursary awarded is based on this information.

Pupils awarded a bursary are not treated any differently from other students and complete their schooling in exactly the same way.

All bursary-related matters remain strictly confidential and we do not disclose any information on this subject.