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Lemania College, founded by Dr. Paul Du Pasquier in 1908, has a long-standing tradition of preparing students for the federal Swiss Maturité qualification. The modular programme is divided into successive semesters, known as classes 4, 3, 2, 1 and CM (classe maturité). Students have detailed, personal progress assessments every three months to make sure they are on track. This ensures that students are well prepared for the Swiss Maturité examinations.

This unique curriculum means that students can join the programme at different entry points throughout the year. We assess students’ prior knowledge and tailor the programme to give them the best possible chance of success in the examination. That is why our school gets outstanding success rates.

Our system has two key benefits for students looking to take the Swiss Maturité examinations:

  • Continuous, targeted preparation: the frequent assessments required to move up from one class to another provide excellent training for the Swiss Maturité examinations. These simulation exercises make the preparation both interactive and realistic.
  • Sustained work rate: the target of obtaining the Maturité in two-and-a-half years stimulates students and the semester-based structure means that they need never repeat a full year. Students who fail to complete a semester-long module within the specified period may repeat this module in order to improve their understanding of it.

Bursaries and/or loans are available for the Swiss Maturité. Contact us for more information.


Students with good English skills (B2) can also follow the bilingual Maturité pathway, allowing them to build on their specific, in-depth English abilities. Some students may also wish to write their travail de maturité dissertation in English.

Bilingual Maturité subject areas: history, geography and an additional option in English.

Structure: Students taking the bilingual option will follow a core curriculum covering all Swiss Maturité subjects, with the exception of history and geography (part one) and an additional option (part two).

The bilingual Maturité is an increasingly popular choice, with many faculties now delivering teaching in English.


To start studying for the Swiss Maturité (entry in class 4), students must have completed an 11th grade HarmoS VP (preparatory school). The VP route is the most common pathway, however other routes are possible, provided that students take a preparatory course. We also expect students to be motivated, well-rounded individuals so they can cope with the intensive study for the Swiss Maturité examinations.

The SEFRI website contains detailed information about the Swiss Maturité rules and regulations.


Semester-based modules: a unique, 100-year-old system

The structure of the Lemania College curriculum provides for the delivery of the Swiss Maturité programme over five semesters.

  • Swiss Maturité classes: 4, 3, 2, 1, CM (classe de maturité).
  • At the end of class 1: part one examinations
  • At the end of class CM: part two examinations and Swiss Maturité awarded.

Revision lessons before each exam session

The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SEFRI) holds two Swiss Maturité examination sessions, in August and February. Lemania College prepares students for both sessions, according to the date on which they commence the programme.

Intensive revision sessions are held twice a year, a few weeks before the start of the Swiss Maturité examinations, ensuring students are as well prepared as possible.

Moving up classes

Students are moved up to the next class based on the results of the examinations held each semester. These examinations – mostly mock Swiss Maturité papers – offer excellent practice for the final exams. Students are assessed regularly throughout each semester, enabling them to target their revision more effectively.



We are firm believers in proactive teaching methods, establishing ongoing dialogue across the board. This helps ensure we can act in students’ interests, whenever necessary, as they work towards their Swiss Maturité examinations.

We teach the Swiss Maturité subjects using a set of specific teaching and learning methods, which we seek to pass on to our students. We firmly believe that students should take responsibility for their work and become independent learners, since this is the best way for them to prepare for the Swiss Maturité examinations and their future studies.

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