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Lemania College has been entering candidates for French Baccalauréat examinations for many years.

While the French Baccalauréat is indeed awarded for studies of an equivalent level to the Swiss Maturité (secondary education), several of its characteristics allow Lemania College to offer a programme that may be more compatible with the specific needs and skills of certain students. In particular, the French Baccalauréat syllabus allows candidates to make the most of their personal profiles.

In particular, the languages component takes advantage of the profoundly European inspiration of the diploma. This allows candidates to choose the two languages that they will enter for examination without any restriction, from the languages commonly spoken in Europe and beyond: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Russian. The distinction between the different streams allows the student to truly choose their course. On the Literary (L) stream, for example, pure sciences and maths teaching is limited, while languages and social sciences make up more than 80% of teaching time.
Finally, the French Baccalauréat is a diploma with worldwide recognition and benefits both from the high esteem in which French cultural policy is held and full recognition by the European Union. Here at Lemania College, we will help you make the best preparations for the French Baccalauréat.

Bursaries and/or loans are available for the French Baccalauréat. Contact the school office for more information.


Quality of teaching

For many years, Lemania College’s reputation has been built on the quality of its devoted teaching staff, who are deeply committed to students’ success in the French Baccalauréat examinations. Contact with the teachers is not restricted to the transmission of knowledge; the aim is also to establish a positive dialogue that will help students enjoy their work as they prepare for the French Baccalauréat.

Transparency and communication

We are committed to maintaining constructive dialogue with parents and students about the quality of our services, This allows us to operate responsively and preventively whenever required.

Clear regulations and the continuous tracking of educational performance – monitoring of absences and punctuality, provision of marks and grades online for consultation at any time, etc. – are just some of the factors that make our service so effective here at Lemania College. We seek to make all of the processes offered to students easy to identify and understand. We do everything possible to ensure students succeed in their French Baccalauréat examinations.

Sustainable learning

Our aim is to ensure that the time spent at school is as profitable as possible. Coaching is just one of the services proposed to ensure the sustainability of learning. This involves teaching our students how to plan their time, organise and optimise their working habits, which leads to academic success in the French Baccalauréat examinations and in school and academic life in general.

Other strategies are also implemented to add value to our students’ French Baccalauréat preparations, such as supervised study sessions on a regular, weekly basis. Workshops in subjects such as German and history allow our students to broaden their knowledge of certain disciplines. Support lessons and private tuition may also be organised to help students prepare for the French Baccalauréat examinations.

Examinations and support

The “How to succeed in your exams” seminar, delivered by a training consultant, gives students an added boost as they prepare for the French Baccalauréat. It takes place in Première class. During the examinations (which take place in neighbouring France), Lemania College’s senior leadership team and teachers are on-hand to give students guidance and support. This support from experienced teachers helps to boost students’ confidence and puts their mind at ease, ensuring they perform to their full potential in the French Baccalauréat examinations.


Students must have completed compulsory schooling to be eligible for the French Baccalauréat.

Students wishing to study for the French Baccalauréat also need to be highly motivated. Contact the school office for additional information about the admission requirements and administrative formalities you will need to complete for our French Baccalauréat programme.

You can find useful information about the French Baccalauréat on the following websites:  The eduscol website contains detailed guidance on the French Baccalauréat rules and procedures. Lemania College delivers the programme in partnership with the Académie de Grenoble. You can access the website here. The GESBF website (an organisation for all Swiss schools that put candidates forward for the examinations, including Lemania College) contains useful information about how the French Baccalauréat is organised.


A tailored programme

French sixth-form students study for the Baccalauréat for three years (known as Seconde, Première and Terminale).
The Lemania College curriculum is designed to engineer a smooth transition onto the programme, with a Seconde year to allow students to get used to the demands of the French system, even if they have no prior experience of French education.
After Seconde, pupils are ready to begin the two-year cycle (Première and Terminale, where they learn the knowledge that will later be tested during the French Baccalauréat examinations. These exams are divided into two sessions: épreuves anticipées du baccalauréat (EAB) at the end of the Première year, and final exams at the end of the Terminale year, leading to award of the French Baccalauréat.
By way of exemption, some candidates may sit all French Baccalauréat examinations in a single session, preparing for the exams in just one year. This decision is normally taken based on age – students who turn 20 before 31 December in the French Baccalauréat year can sit all their exams at once. There are also other reasons for this exemption under the French system, but it is rare that Swiss students meet the criteria.

In one or two year(s)

The final cycle of the French Baccalauréat is completed over two years. This provides a solid educational foundation on which students can base their success, by choosing subject area combinations that will ensure they have the best chance of success. The distinction between specialisations, together with the choice of languages, skills learnt in the Travail Personnel Encadré (TPE, a supervised group project) and optional exams, mean that each student’s assessment profile can be structured to closely match their personal profile.


Proactive teaching methods: a permanent dialogue is established with the various participants in order to create the conditions required for quick decision-making in the student’s best interests. We give students everything they need to succeed in the French Baccalauréat.

Lifelong learning and independent work.

Principle of accountability: the aim is to make students aware of the importance of the life skills required to form part of the college and society in general. These are an integral part of the success strategy for the French Baccalauréat.


The French Baccalauréat is recognised in Switzerland and throughout the world. However, it should be noted that admission into university in Switzerland is dependent on obtaining the grade “Assez bien” (meaning an average of at least 12/20), depending on the university in question. Some universities may also impose other requirements.
In Switzerland, the French Baccalauréat also qualifies students to enter some HES courses. It is also important to bear in mind that the French Baccalauréat lacks the broad general scope of the Swiss Maturité.
The French Baccalauréat is widely accepted abroad. Access to French universities, which is actively supported by the French Embassy in Switzerland, is granted directly to any Swiss holders of a French Baccalauréat.
Thanks to the Bologna reforms, it has become much easier for Swiss nationals studying in Europe to gain recognition for their studies by the Swiss authorities, either by obtaining an equivalent rating for their diploma, or by continuing their post-graduate studies in Switzerland, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a European country.

These factors explain the benefits of the French Baccalauréat, which is recognised throughout the European Union and constitutes one of the best means of admission to European universities.

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