1. Enrolment and administrative fees

The non-refundable enrolment fee (specific to each programme) only applies to new students. The yearly administrative fee (specific to each programme) is non-refundable. They covers application fee, administrative and processing charges and will be retained in the event of a cancellation. Payment of the deposit does not exempt the parents from the payment of the tuition and boarding fees, (and any fees/extra expenses) if applicable.

2. Fees and payments

Prices may be adjusted from one year to the next. Payments must be made in Swiss Francs (CHF) only. The fees apply to the current school year and are adjusted according to circumstances. Extra days spent at Ecole Lemania outside the normal academic year (Christmas, winter, Easter, etc.) will be invoiced separately. There will be no price reduction for public or religious holidays. The school must receive the exact amount mentioned on the invoice(s). Paypal or credit card will incur an additional charge of 3%. Any transfer/financial/bank fees, exchange rates or, bank/ credit card fees etc. will be paid by the parents/legal guardian or the student. (If the school decides to grant a refund, any transfer/ financial/ bank fees, exchange rates, bank/credit card or Paypal fees etc. will be paid by the parents/legal guardian or the student).

3. Early departure and cancellation of enrolment

Any cancellation before or during studies must be made by registered letter and the considered date of cancellation will only be the date by which Ecole Lemania receives the cancellation request. For any studies lasting longer than three months, notice of a student’s departure before the end of his/her period of study must be sent in writing to the Director of Lemania three months before the end of the following school term (trimester). For any studies lasting longer than three months, in the case of early departure and cancellation of enrolment during the studies, the parents/legal guardian or the student must pay the tuition fees, and boarding fees (if applicable) for the current and next school terms (trimesters), and the total of any other fees/extra expenses that might apply. These conditions apply irrespective of the reason for departure (voluntary or involuntary departure, exclusion/expulsion, family concerns, sickness etc.). For studies lasting less than three months,in the event of premature departure, there will be no reimbursement of tuition fees and boarding fees (if applicable) or of any extra fees/charges/ expenses that might apply and must be paid in total if not paid yet, irrespective of the reason. For any studies, if the enrolment is cancelled less than 30 days before the start of the course, 50% of the tuition fees, and 50% of the boarding fees (if applicable) covering the total length of studies and the total amount of any extra fees/charges/expenses or any other fees (if applicable) must be paid, irrespective of the reason. Note that for the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme or any other academic programme, a semester consists of two consecutive trimesters. The application fee, administrative tax and visa procedure fee when applicable, are payable upon application and are non-refundable under any circumstances.

4. Diplomas, Certificates and Attendance Certificates

Examinations for which diplomas or certificates are awarded, including those issued by the school, are subject to examination fees. These are not included in the tuition fee nor are they refunded in the event of failure. In the event of late payment, the school reserves the right to withhold diplomas, certificates and attendance certificates until the account has been settled in full.

5. Third-party liability insurance

It is strongly recommended that parents or legal guardians take out third- party liability insurance, as they could be held liable for any damage caused by the student.

6. Accident Insurance

The school provides accident insurance for all students, who are covered on the direct journey to and from Ecole Lemania and during activities organised by the school, provided that the student has taken out health insurance, which must be valid in Switzerland, the EU and the rest of the world.

7. Health Insurance

Health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland. Boarding students who are not Swiss residents must be insured through the school. Premiums are paid by the parents/legal guardians or by the student. Day students are not insured by the school but must have personal health insurance that is valid in Switzerland, the EU and the rest of the world. The school cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for any negligence regarding the student’s health insurance situation.

8. Letter of credit

If justified by exceptional circumstances, in cases such as early departure, Ecole Lemania may grant the student a letter of credit for a sum equivalent to the cost of the outstanding study period. This document will enable the student to continue his or her studies at a later date, or to transfer the credit to their immediate family. A letter of credit may only be exchanged for tuition.

9. Food allergies

The school cannot guarantee the provision of allergen-free food. In the case of food allergies, Ecole Lemania and its staff cannot be held responsible for allergies caused by certain products. Any of the food served at school or provided during activities/sports/trips could include allergenic components, and the student must take personal responsibility for checking what he or she eats and for informing the staff.

10. Right of reproduction– Copyright

Ecole Lemania reserves the right to use any photos, films or videos of the students free of charge for any publications or broadcasts on the Internet/TV, in brochures, newspapers or magazines, and on posters /signs or websites, etc.

11. Visas and residence permits in Switzerland (subject to change at any time according to the authorities’ regulations)

The total amount of fees for visas and residence permits must be paid by the parents/legal guardian or the students. Students must contact the Swiss embassy/consulate in their country to see if they need a study visa for Switzerland according to their current nationality and passport’s validity. If the study visa is not granted by the authorities, the School refunds the totality of the payments already paid minus the registration fees. For any studies lasting longer than three months:

The school will support the students in their applications for student visas in Switzerland (in principle for non-European students (nationality) only) and Swiss residence permits for all students. In addition, the student must submit an application for a student visa with a multiple entry visa to the Swiss embassy/ consulate in their own country and visit the Swiss embassy in person in their own country (mandatory). The total tuition fees and boarding fees (if applicable) shown on the original invoice must be sent by the parents/legal guardian or the student to Ecole Lemania, immediately after receipt of the preliminary acceptance, in order to speed up the visa procedure and ensure the registration of the student’s application. Parents or students must submit all the necessary visa documents and information to Lemania no later than 3 months before the start of any studies lasting longer than three months, in order to allow for processing of the visa on the swiss side. An average period of 3 months must be allowed for the processing of visa applications prior to entry and 4 months for processing the residence permit once at the school (average durations, could take more or less time) for any studies lasting longer than three months. The school is not responsible for any late delivery of visas or residence permits, which is the responsibility of the Swiss immigration office and embassies. The school declines any responsibility in case of late arrival due to a visa problem or problems concerning any other documents required for entry into Swiss territory. Students must be registered at the embassy of their country of origin in Switzerland when starting the school.

12. Deposit, extra expenses/charges/medical and damages

The refundable deposit must be paid before the student’s arrival. The deposit will normally be refunded after the settlement of the accounts. If the parents/guardian fail to contact Lemania within the year following the end of the stay, the deposit will be definitively transferred (with no possibility of a refund) to the PAUL DU PASQUIER FOUNDATION which provides scholarship for students from modest backgrounds. Lemania can invoice or deduct outstanding fees from the deposit for amounts due for medical or hospital care/products or tablets/services not covered by health insurance, pocket money, extra activities, extra expenses, extra charges, exchange rate charges, damages to rooms or facilities, etc.

13. Organization of courses

Ecole Lemania is divided into several study departments (Sections) each run by its own Head (Director of studies). Each student is affiliated to a specific department.

14. Student enrolment

The enrolment of the student is subject to written confirmation from the Director’s office or the Head of the Department. Admission depends on the evaluation of the student’s application and the availability of places on the requested course. Admission to the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme is only validated if the school receives the following documents, completed, signed and on time: the registration form, the medical questionnaire, the CAS and Maths and English questionnaires, the Visa documents, the acceptance letter and the general conditions signed.

15. Curriculum

The student’s curriculum is personalized and adjustments are made to take account of the student’s progress.

16. Private lessons

As a rule, due to the personalized curriculum, private lessons are not necessary. In rare cases such as when students enrol after a course has already started, a Head of Department (Director of studies) may recommend a limited number of private lessons. An additional fee is charged for these lessons.

17. Leave of absence

Request for leave of absence must be received in writing by the Head of Department (Director of studies) at least one week in advance or three days in advance for the IB programme only. Permission is granted on a case-by-case basis. It is nonetheless highly recommended that students do not request a leave of absence outside holiday dates.

18. Unexcused absence

An unexcused absence must be justified in writing within three days. The letter must indicate the date(s), the class(es) missed and the reason for absence. The letter must bear the signature of the parent or authorized person and be addressed to the Head of Department (Director of studies).

19. Health and personal information

The parents (or guardians) are required to notify Ecole Lemania in writing of any health and medical information, or useful information, such as previous studies and favourite pastimes, so that the school may take appropriate action where necessary.

20. School services

Ecole Lemania will respond professionally to any requests for assistance submitted by the student, parents, or through the representative (from the student) and will make every possible effort to meet the student’s needs, whether they are related to the courses or the

student’s accommodation. In some cases, the school may be unable to satisfy requests for assistance or change (e.g. change of room, extra services, particular courses, modified timetable, special meals, etc.) submitted by students, parents or the representative.

21. Discipline

Students are expected to be courteous at all times. The Director reserves the right to expel any student whose conduct is considered harmful to the welfare of the school community at any time and without compensation from Lemania. In such cases the financial obligation already contracted shall remain valid until the end of the next term (trimester). The parents/legal guardian or the student must pay the tuition fees, and boarding fees (if applicable) for the current and next school terms (trimesters), and the total of any other fees/extra expenses that might apply. Any deposit and tuition fees received for periods beyond this term shall be returned, provided that all of the student’s financial obligation have been met. Any damage caused to the school must be paid for by the parents or legal guardian or student. We strongly recommend parents/guardians or the student take out liability insurance.

22. Important notice

The use or possession (even briefly) of alcohol or illegal substances is strictly forbidden and may lead to immediate expulsion without any compensation from Lemania. The financial obligation already contracted shall remain valid until the end of the next trimester (see condition 3.).

23. Modification or suppression of courses

Ecole Lemania reserves the right to modify the dates, classes, timetables and location of a course and to cancel or postpone a course in the event of insufficient student numbers. In the event of the cancellation of a course, the fees already paid will be fully refunded.

24. Student rules and student behaviour

The student must comply with all of the school and boarding school rules. The students are expected to behave properly and protect the school’s reputation by acting as its ambassadors. However, Ecole Lemania reserves the right to terminate the course or lodging of any student whose behaviour is deemed by the school to be unacceptable. The parents/ legal guardian or the student must pay the tuition fees, and boarding fees (if applicable) for the current and next school terms (trimesters), and the total of any other fees/extra expenses that might apply.

25. Payment deadlines and invoices

Parents, legal guardians or students must respect the payment deadline shown on the invoice. In principle, the total tuition and boarding fees for one academic year must be paid before the student’s arrival. Tuition and boarding fees are payable before the start of classes or the start of the term in question. Failure to do so will result in a late payment increment of 1% per month. In addition, CHF 60.- will be charged for each reminder or financial commitment. Failure to pay may also lead to the immediate expulsion of the student from the school and boarding school without any compensation from Ecole Lemania. If it is not challenged within 30 days after reception of the invoice, the invoice will be deemed to have been accepted by the parents/ legal guardians or the student. If the parents/legal guardians or the student do notreceive the invoice 15 days after the contract is signed (date of signature), they must contact the school otherwise it will be considered to have been received.

26. Contract and enrolment form validity

The enrolment form must be completed in full and all information given must be true. When the contract is signed, the contract/enrolment form is deemed to be valid and becomes legally binding. It engages the full financial responsibility of the applicant and of their parents/ legal guardian or legal representative. The contract is valid for the total duration of the student’s studies, irrespective of the duration or the programme of study. If the student enrols in other course(s)/boarding school at Ecole Lemania after the signature of this contract, the parents/legal guardian or the student must sign a new contract. Otherwise, all of the conditions of this contract shall remain valid for these new courses and boarding (if applicable) on which the student has enrolled. Under all circumstances all financial obligations remain valid after the end of the contract if they are not paid in full.

27. Unenforceability of provision

If any provision of this Agreement, or any portion thereof, is held to be invalid and unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect.

28. Contract law

This contract is governed by Swiss jurisdiction and Swiss laws only. Any disputes shall be brought before the Court of Appeal in Lausanne, Switzerland. Parents, guardians, representatives or students waive their right to initiate legal proceedings in their own country. However, Ecole Lémania (Chemin de Préville 3, CP 550, 1001 Lausanne, Switzerland) retains the right to institute legal proceedings in the country of jurisdiction of any parties concerned.