Lausanne No 1 in « The top 25 small cities in the world » ranking

Lausanne No 1 in « The top 25 small cities in the world » ranking

Recently, the British newspaper “The Independent” mentioned that Lausanne is ranked no 1 worldwide among the cities with a population under 200’000 inhabitants.

This ranking is based on the opinion of correspondents of Monocle, a global affairs and lifestyle magazine. The editor-in-chief of Monocle is Tyler Brûlé, a Canadian journalist and designer who was in charge of creating the visual identity of the new Swiss Airlines company after the bankruptcy of Swissair. Asked about the reasons to create a new ranking, Tyler Brûlé answered: “Having established a strong franchise with the annual Monocle quality-of-life ranking, we felt that it was time to measure liveability in smaller-scale cities that were hard to put in the same league as cities like Tokyo or Vancouver”.

The ranking classifies 25 cities: Boulder (USA), Bergen (Norway), Hobart (Australia) and Chigasaki (Japan) complete the top five after Lausanne. Another Swiss city is listed in the ranking: Basel (ranked 14th).  It is noticeable that 18 European cities are included in this ranking.

The quality of public transportation, the excellent connections via train or plane, the international fame of the city, the headquarters of several multinational corporations and of the International Olympic Committee, as well as the beautiful environment of the city with the Lake of Geneva and the Alps are the reasons of Lausanne’s top position in the ranking. That makes it an ideal place to study.

Philippe Du Pasquier, President of Business School Lausanne and member of the Board of Ecole Lémania.